Poppy anemones in the north-western Negev

Posted by on February 12, 2012


Avi, Matan & Yoav


Shuva and Grar streams (near Netivot)


10 Dec , 2012


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The Story

Although we planned to go elsewhere, on Friday morning we decided to go see the poppy anemone blossom in the north-western Negev.

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We met near Ashdod in a surprisingly rainy weather and quickly (i.e after about half an hour) set out.

Shishvil – Shuva and Grar streams

Near Shuva we left the road and entered the trails.

After a short ride we reached one of the many fields in which the poppy anemone blossoms in this time of the year.

We rode through, looking for a place to stop and have some morning tea and a light breakfast, while the amazingly red flowers provided a great background for the ride.

The place was packed with people who were there (just like us) to enjoy the seasonal sights. So we moved on and tried to find a nice spot away from masses.

Whenever the landscape opened up a bit, we were treated to what seemed like an endless carpet of red flowers.

In our search for a quiet place we followed a trail, which turned into a single track. When the single track ended, we decided to stop for tea.
All around the ground was pretty soft, making Avi question the fact that he could leave his Africa twin on it’s side-stand. So he found a solution in the shape of a tree.

Yoav and I laughed about it and just left our bikes on the side-stands, making sure to remind Avi that his bike needs a diet.

Avi is an artistic photographer

While we were enjoying our tea (it’s an ancient family recipe that Yoav learned a long time ago: 5 cups of water, 2 tea bags and about 4 Kilograms of sugar), we suddenly heard a loud thud.

Apparently, Yoav's bike needs a diet as well.

After we finished our tea, we rode back the way we came to the main trail and tried to find our way to Grar stream.

Every now and then we were reminded of last week’s rain.

When we finally found our way to the stream, Avi took the lead.

As we searched for an easy place to cross the stream, Avi wanted to ride up a small hill to get a better view. A couple of meters later, Yoav and I were treated to a nice display of Avi’s version for a stoppie. Somehow, Avi managed to find a sinkhole that was hidden under the grass.

So if you need to find a sinkhole- call Avi. He’s good at that.

The Africa twin really blossoms at this time of the year

Luckily Avi wasn’t injured too badly. He sprained his wrist, but was still able to ride back home.

We got the bike out of the hole and surveyed the damage- The fairing was cracked (but will hold for a while) and the right mirror broke from the brake perch, but no vital systems were damaged.

It was obvious that we can’t continue the trip, so we found our way back to the road and headed home.

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