Friday, Muddy Friday.

Posted by on January 24, 2013


Matan, Yoav & Kerem


From Kfar Tavor to Yavne’el


18 Jan , 2013


No photos this time, but check out the video.

The Story

Yoav and I went up north check out the trails around Kfar Tavor.
We found plenty of trails that were dotted with puddles of mud, but still dry enough not to get bogged down.
At one point we met Kerem on the trail. He lives in the area and was kind enough to show us around and lead us down to Yavne’el stream.
That’s was where the trail (as expected) became muddier and muddier, up to a point where Yoav actually did get bogged down in the mud.
O ye, and I took a nice swim in the stream.
Which caused the untimely demise of my trusted camera (hence the no pictures part).

But at least my video camera survived.

2 Responses to Friday, Muddy Friday.

  1. Fabio

    I’m managing to come to Israel next year with my bike…
    It seems very difficult!!!
    But I’ll try

    • Shneor

      Hey Fabio,
      When are you planning to be here?
      Contact us before you are coming… maybe we can have a ride or two together.

      Good luck anyways.

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